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Master Bram Frank

Florida, USA

-Bram Frank was born year of the COBRA: the Water Snake, hour of the Snake, 07-19-53. The Snake is a sign of the artist and the seeker. Bram is both. His father introduced him to Chinese and Japanese brush painting. This introduction paved the way to Oriental arts. Bram constantly asked to study the fighting arts. In 1965 for his birthday his mother bought him a book, with a woven bamboo cover, *KARATE the Art of the Empty Hand* by Hidetaka Nishiyama. The die was cast and in 1966 Bram turned towards the martial arts especially those of China. Wing Chun & Hung Gar kung fu became his passion. As time went on other martial arts became part of Bram*s life.

In 1980, he found the instructor who has influenced him until today. Professor Remy Presas was like the old statement: *wait and when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.* Professor Presas says that Modern Arnis is the art within your art and Modern Arnis opened the doors. Connections became clear and Wing Chun blended with American Karate and Arnis led the way. Bram has stayed with Arnis and related arts and has grown into the Filipino way. Over the years many instructors have made an impact on Bram*s martial arts career. For 33 years Bram has learned and taught martial arts, something he will continue far into the future. With Professor Presas* unexpected death in Sept of 2001, Bram, along with the other first generation students, accepted the responsibility of securing the future of Modern Arnis.

Grandmaster Bram Frank is the Founder and Director of CSSD/SC (Common Sense Self-Defense / Street Combat). He is also the designer and holds patents on some of the most revolutionary knives made today; Most notably the Gunting, Abankio and Lupa Lupa Corto (LLC Folder). He also designed the CRMIPT (Close Range Medium ImPact Tool) a new non-lethal tool for security and law enforcement personnel. He has been featured in magazines, written many books and made several videos relating to knife training and Arnis. He also holds several black belts in different martial arts. In 2007 he was Black Belt Magazines Weapons Instructor of the Year and he has been a member of MENSA for almost 30 years.

In this 6 Volume set, Maaster Bram Frank takes you through his unique system of Knife Self Defense and Offense by understanding the principles and concepts behind the drills. The effectiveness of any technique is predicated upon a great understanding of the underlying principles.

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