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Sifu John Crescione

Westbury, NY














Sifu John Crescione, D.C. has been involved with martial arts for over 35 years. Like many, his first experience was Bruce Lee as Kato in “ The Green Hornet” TV series. “When I saw Bruce Lee, I knew I had to do that stuff-I wanted to break a board and brick with my hands, I wanted to be like Kato.”

His father helped begin his trip down the martial arts highway by getting him a book on karate to train from. In the late 60’ and early 70’s martial art schools were hard to come by. And even after finding different martial arts styles, schools, and people willing to teach-there was just something missing for him.

Until he found Wing Chun. “Well, I didn’t really find it .I wanted to do JKD, but at that time there where no JKD schools anywhere, and Wing Chun was the next best thing. And once I really got into Wing Chun, it had everything I wanted.”

Sifu Crescione has trained with some of the best within the Wing Chun world, both in and out of the Yip Man, Hong Kong lineage. He believes that, as lineage is important (his traces to Lui,Yiu Choi,Lee Moy Shan, William Cheung and Yip Ching directly), the real teachers should be application, function, anatomy and physiology.Dr Crescione also uses his background in Exercise Physiology to explain scientifically why Wing Chun works,how it's suppose to work and training methods that hold up scientifically.

Sifu Crescione is a Doctor of Chiropractic, maintains Fellowship status with the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture, and has an extensive background in exercise physiology, nutrition and chi gung. He has also trained Wing Chun in both Hong Kong and China. Many of his students actively participate in Chi Sao tournaments throughout the United States. He is the past team Chiropractor for the NY Jets football team and has taught many of them Wing Chun concepts to apply to the gridiron.

He has taught seminars across the country on various topics within Wing Chun, as well as seminars on Iron Palm, Dim Mak and weapons fighting. He is a founding member of the International Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation, a member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong, Yip Man Athletic Association of Hong Kong, World Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation, United States Kung Fu Federation and Chinese National Chi Gung Institute as well as a regular featured speaker of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Friendship seminars.
He has been published in Inside Kung Fu, Martial Arts Legends,Wing Chun Illustrated and Wing Chun Today Magazine.

Dr Crescione has also recently released a Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Dim Mak App exlusively for Ipad.

A complete breakdown of the Yip Man Siu Lim Tao form as taught to Dr. John Crescione by Lee Moy Shan, as taught by Grand Master Moy Yat, a direct disciple of Great Grand Master Yip Man. This DVD covers all the necessary techniques,practice drills, 2 man sets and fighting theories for the Siu Lim Tao level of training. This seminar also covers the Wing Chun mindset for fighting and Wing Chun philosophy necessary at Siu Lim Tao level. This seminar DVD was done at the Smiling Dragon Wing Chun school in Atlantic City,NJ.
This video covers all the basic theories for Dim Mak found within Kung Fu and then examines the Wing Chun philosophy, concepts and techniques for using Dim Mak. The DVD explores applications, training methods and theories to begin your study of how to apply Dim mak within your own system of Wing Chun. Discussions on the hidden and not so hidden uses of techniques found in other systems and how they apply to Dim Mak are also included.

This video coves basic concepts in Knife Fighting as they relate to the Wing Chun System. Many are familiar with the South East Asian concept of "Defang the Snake." Wing Chun's concept is to "Cut off the Snake's Head." Drills from multile disciplines, sparring drills and sensitivity training from the Wing Chun point of view help the beginner explore the core concepts of fighting with a knife.

** While this is called an Intro to Basic Knife Fighting, Instructors and Advanced students can learn simple ways to impart this knowledge to their students and peers.

Learn how to manipulate your opponent's timing and distance.

Bring your fighting skills to a whole new level!

What makes a Wing Chun technique-a Wing Chun Technique?

Just because you do sensitivity training, does that make it Wing Chun "sticky hands?"

If you do "simultaneous attack and defense" as a technique-does that mean you are doing Wing Chun?

This instructional DVD covers the 6 qualities and attributes that makes Wing Chun happen offensively and defensively.

Concepts such as breaking balance,fighting on the "blind side" controlling and smoothering the opponent's operating range are just a few of the core concepts that make up Wing Chun's DNA.

This lecture and demonstration clarifies all the key points to understanding Wing Chun at it's core.

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