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Dusty Seale

Chicago, IL USA





In general, martial artists can be divided into two categories: experts and fighters. Fighters, of course, are those who do not hesitate to jump into the fray. They never shy from the challenge, and are less concerned with matters of winning and losing than with the experience the fight itself offers. Experts are the product of hard training, and deep dedication. They possess a thorough knowledge of the science of combat, and the components of varying martial styles. Dustin Seale is a rarity, a man who is both fighter and expert.

With an impressive and varied set of credentials conferred on him by some of the world’s greatest instructors, his expertise in martial arts is without doubt. He received the rank of 3rd degree black belt in Modern Arnis from Grandmaster Remy Presas, 5th degree in Wei Kune Do from Grandmaster Leo Fong, 7th degree in Jodoryu Jujitsu from Grandmaster T.A. Frazier, and 8th degree in Ryukyu Kempo from Grandmaster George Dillman. That Dustin Seale the martial arts expert is also a fighter is incontestable to those of us who know him, as Grandmaster Presas best expressed it when he gave Seale the nickname, “Master Nasty.

A man who embodies expert and fighter is rare, but even more rare is the true warrior, the one who transcend those distinctions. The true warrior begins as expert and fighter, but becomes something more because of how he uses his training. Dustin Seale is a true warrior because he has chosen to use his knowledge and skill to serve, protect, and contribute to, his country and his community. A marine combat veteran of Desert Storm, Seale currently serves as a Deputy Sheriff in one of the largest and roughest counties in the United States. Everyday he puts his life and skills on the line to maintain the peace. As owner and chief instructor of Seale Academy of Martial Arts, he has become a role model for people of all ages who come seeking strength, confidence, and self-protection skills.

I have known Dustin Seale – Dusty – for many years now. I have trained with him, taught marines with him, led seminars with him; I love him as a brother, as family, and I am proud to call him friend and colleague. And most of all, I can tell you that he’s a man I want at my side anytime things get ugly and decisive action is called for.

– Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas is a master instructor of traditional Okinawan martial arts, who is regarded so highly that life-long martial arts practitioners regularly travel hundreds, even thousands, of miles to study with him. He is a well known writer and commentator whose essays and articles have appeared in martial arts publications around the world. Thomas, one of George Dillman’s most senior students, has co-authored a series of books on pressure point fighting – books which are considered the definitive works on the subject.

An Integrated Approach to Pressure Point Fighting Using Kata Naihanchi.  In this DVD, Grandmaster Seale uses Kata Naihanchi Shodan as a vehicle to integrate the teachings of George Dillman and Leo Fong into a complete and effective approach to martial arts and self-defense. Seale has blended the flow of kung fu with pressure point strikes. The applications presented in this DVD are readily transferrable to police defensive tactics applications. This DVD is a must for those seeking to bridge the gap between effective entries and pressure point self-defense applications.

Naihanchi Advanced Applications
This DVD works applications from all 3 Naihanchi Kata. Methods of Kyusho Jitsu (pressure point attacks) and Tuite Jitsu (grappling) are strongly emphasized. Grandmaster Seale works the kata from advanced meanings of the stances, in to a detailed explanation of Kyusho points on the head, then getting to the useable, combative, applications that can be found in this kata.

There are over 20 techniques shown and throughly explained working striking, ground grappling, and stand-up grappling methods. With multiple camera angles you’re sure to get the full effect.
All of the techniques in this DVD were filmed at live seminars throughout Switzerland. This DVD is packed full of Outstanding & Explosive techniques, plus filled with enough information on Kyusho-Jitsu (Pressure Point Striking) and Tuite-Jitsu (Pressure Point Grappling) that you could learn from them over the next 10 years!

This DVD is loaded with techniques from standing, to the ground and back up again and focus on GM Seale's Kyusho Combatives Program. A program which he teaches to martial artist, police and military personnel worldwide.
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