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Sifu Joaquin Almeria

Las Vegas, NV

















Joaquim Almeria was born in Pamplona, Spain in 1970. He began his Martial Arts career with Judo and Jujitsu at the age of (6). At the age of (18), Joaquim was an instructor and already achieved the rank of Black Belt in several Martial Arts, including Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Full Contact Savate and Muay Thai.

During summers, Joaquim traveled to the USA to study Martial Arts from the finest instructors’ in America. He is proud to have studied with Dan Inosanto, George Dillman, Reylson Gracie, The Machado Brothers, Ron Balicki etc..

Joaquim began to be keen on the USA and its culture during his visits every summer. He studied with Dan Inosanto at I.A.M.A. in Los Angeles. Dan Inosanto is an advanced student and close, personal friend of the late Bruce Lee. Mr. Inosanto teaches the techniques of Bruce Lee. As a part of his Martial Arts training, Joaquim studied acupuncture, Chinese massage, herb therapy, and traditional Chinese medicine in general.

Now he resides in Las Vegas where he teaches the JKD concepts and the Filipino Martial Arts from his own Academy. Because of his expertise in Oriental Medicine as an O.M.D. and his knowledge of the pressure points, Joaquim is now leading a revolutionary research to unite the art of Kyusho Jitsu with the JKD applications. Such work is sanctioned by the D.K.I.( Dillman Karate International), which Joaquim is a 5th degree (shihan) member in good standing, and done in coordination with Grand Master George Dillman.

Sifu Almeria eventually moved out on his own and created his own organization which has become recognized as street effective. Today Joaquim  travels worldwide teaching seminars and spreading Bruce Lee's message. Professionals' lives such as prison guards, law enforcement, military, martial artists, SWAT, civilians and private contractors depend on it.

Sifu Almeria is a professional Executive protection agent. He has worked with Royalty from 3 continents  and has been teaching his system to the Hollywood crowd. His newest student is nobody less than John Travolta, who used his newly gained skills in his latest movie and many other high level foreign and domestic political dignitaries. He served with the Special forces in Iraq and has seen plenty of life action.Sifu was inducted to the Hall of Fame as instructor of the Year in 2002.

Joaquim is considered a martial arts expert; he regularly travels the world teaching seminars




Dr. / Sifu Almeria teaches you how to incorporate Pressure Point Fighting (Kyusho) with the time and battle tested techniques of JKD.

A must have for any JKD practitioner or anyone truly interested in real world life protection skills and who better to learn from than someone who did this for a living in the field!!

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