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Master Josh Moree

Atlanta GA USA




















Sensei Moree’s first experience with Martial Arts occurred as a high school student living in Tennessee. He started in Isshinryu Karate with James Ogel.  This is where he experienced an unforgettable moment; his instructor showed him a simple escape from a wrist grab. The simplicity and effectiveness of the move made him wonder how he had never seen it before. This one moment made Sensei Moree wonder what else was right in front of him to learn that he had never yet seen.

He says, “Many of my instructors have been mentors, not just for fighting but also for living. I enjoy continual training and bringing new concepts to my martial art as well. I say ‘my martial art’ because every one of us who trains eventually adapts our collective influences and personal ethics into what becomes our own martial art.”

When he moved to Georgia, Sensei Moree started his studies, and attained his first black belt, in Shuri-Ryu Karate under Don Isaak.  He now identifies this style as a great base for learning kata and martial arts basics. It wasn’t until he connected with Clif Bolton and was introduced to Ryukyu Kempo, under Dillman Karate International, that he felt like he finally understood the true meanings of Traditional and Classical Martial Arts.  It was then that he realized that learning martial arts (and even kata) can be a life-long study.  Master Bolton and Grandmaster Steve Cooper helped gear Sensei Moree into taking what he already knew and adding Kyusho Jitsu and Tuite Jitsu concepts to every aspect of his martial art training.  Sensei Moree had the privilege to assist Master Bolton at Atlanta Ryukyu Kempo in Alpharetta, GA for nearly 5 years.  Until, in 2008, Sensei Moree started Atlanta Kyusho and Jujitsu in Downtown Atlanta, GA.

Over time, Sensei Moree has had the privilege to continually train with many different teachers such as TA Frazer, Dustin Seale, Ken Smith, Will Higginbotham, George Dillman, Leon Jay, Troy Price, Brian Brown, Michael Sinnett and many more.  Sensei Moree continues his training primarily under Grandmaster Dustin Seale of The Seale Academy; this relationship has afforded Sensei Moree many opportunities over the years for growth and learning. Though Sensei Moree’s primary arts are Ryukyu Kempo, Jodoryu Jujitsu, and Small Circle Jujitsu, he has also had the privilege to continually train in Modern Arnis, Chi Gong, Judo, Shuri-Te Bujutsu, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  The different influences have certainly taught him invaluable information in creating a practice geared towards being a versatile and effective martial artist.

“There is the saying ‘No man is an island.’  I would not be who or where I am without the help of every one of my teachers and students.”  These elite martial artists have been great influences in furthering Sensei Moree’s studies.

Master Moree owns and operates Atlanta Kyusho Jujitsu.  He also runs self-defense classes as part of BTB’s Corporate Welness program as well as teaches at seminars abroad.  He takes his experiences in martial arts as well as his education as a Professional Success Coach and works with people to not only learn effective self-defense, but to also Empower their lives.

“We do not train for sport or trophies; we train for life.  Train hard, train often.  See you on the mat!” ~Josh Moree

Kyusho and Jujitsu Drills and Skills
for Martial Arts Training

Drill, Drill, Drill..Repetition is the key to success! When a movement is repeated and practiced, a long-term muscle memory is formed for that task or movement; this eventually allows the task to be performed without conscious effort. Repetition decreases the need for attention and increases maximum efficiency within the motor and memory systems of your body.

This video is 45 minutes of various striking and locks drills to enhance your abilities. These techniques work Kyusho Jitsu, principles of Tuite Jitsu, as well as principles from Small Circle and Jodoryu Jujitsu. Enhance you knowledge of Kyusho Jitsu and grappling techniques with these great 2-person drills for you and your students.

Tuite Jitsu are Locking Techniques found in Ryukyu Kempo and other Okinawian Martial Arts. In this video, Master Josh Moree and Sensei Quentin Miles show you 20 stand-up locking techniques with variations PLUS takedowns and follow ups with each technique.

Stop, Shock, Control, & Takedown!

These Techniques Focus on The 9 Principles of Tuite found in Professor George Dillman and Grandmaster Chris Thomas' book Tuite, Advanced Pressure Point Grappling.

Lean the locks, expand your knowledge, and take your training even further!

Kyusho Jitsu Basics Video
Locate, Activate, Utilize!

Kyusho Jitsu (Pressure Point Fighting) can be used in any technique, regardless of style. They can be used for pain compliance, unlocking joints, KO’s, and more. Many of these Kyusho Jitsu applications where left out of, or forgotten, in much of the martial art world. Professor George Dillman has worked worldwide over the past 30+ years to bring these applications back to life in the martial art community.

In this video, Master Josh Moree shows you the basics on how to find, properly activate, and use over 30 Kyusho Jitsu points. Points are presented in an organized fashion by Arm, Leg, Head, and Body points for easy, quick learning. Learn how to utilize them for you art!

These applications utilize Professor George Dillman’s Application of Pressure Point Fighting, Professor Wally Jay's Small Circle Jujitsu, Grandmaster Dustin Seale's Kyusho Combatives, and Professor TA Frazer's Jodoryu Jujitsu.

This video from Master Josh Moree contains over 25 applications from 13 common kata movements found in various kata. Some of which include: Taikyoku, Seisan, Seuchin, Wansu, Bassai, Kusanku, Naihanchi, and others! Find the movements that fit your kata regardless of style! These applications are approached from a striking and grappling standpoint which include stand-up grappling, locking, take-downs, throws, and ground grappling. All applications utilize Kyusho Jitsu, pressure point techniques for striking and grappling.

These applications also utilize George Dillman’s 9 Principles of Tuite and Principles of Kata Interpretation. Along with these principles, you will find Wally Jay’s 10 Principles of Small Circle Jujitsu utilized.

These applications utilize Professor George Dillman’s Application of Pressure Point Fighting, Professor Wally Jay's Small Circle Jujitsu, Grandmaster Dustin Seale's Kyusho Combatives, and Professor TA Frazer's Jodoryu Jujitsu.


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