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Kevin Pereira

Bronx, NY USA



Kevin Pereira a native of the Bronx new York. He has been practicing the martial sciences for nearly three decades studying under the tutelage of such great masters as Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura, Grand Master Allah Freedom, Grand Master Mark Kline and He currently continues to train under Hanshi Leon Major , Dai Shihan Carlos Febres , and Dai Sensei Ignacio Moreira in the Nindo Bujutsu Kai System.

Hanshi Pereira is the founder of the Shishikan Bujutsu Kai a system developed strictly for personal protection. This is system is gaining world wide recognition for its devastating, fluid, effective transitional locking and striking techniques. Hanshi Pereira has developed this system to allow anyone regardless of size ,age or physical limitations the ability to subdue any attacker in any situation.






In this exclusive DVD Kevin Pereira founder of the Shishikan Bujutsu Kai explores one of the most popular and widely practiced katas serious in the world the Pinan/Heian series. In this DVD all 5 of the Pinan/Heian katas are broken down to the smallest detail to demonstrate the effective self defense technique hidden in every movement from the beginning salute to the finishing bow these katas are dissected to give you the most out of your martial arts training.
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