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Master Martin Prochazka

Czech Republic

Martin Prochazka is already 21 years professional martial arts instructor. He dedicated his combat training more than 30 years and for the purpose of development toured Europe and also visited Japan and India. He lives in the Czech Republic and is the founder and principal guarantor of Zanchin Budo and art called Okuden Mokuroku. The teacher holds master degrees in kyusho jutsu, aiki takemusu and the title of Shihan in ju jutsu. The film, which we present to you is the initial document and teaching material from 2007. It shows some basic techniques and martial applications.

An easy to learn from video, regardless of language.

Zanchin Budo DVD is a film in the series of films produced by Master Martin Prochazka from Czech Republic. It is an introductory film, which contains the basics of body mechanics, basic attitudes and relocations including various martial applications. The most important idea of this system is neutral formulation of the basic principles of the martial art for the possibility of free use. The complete system containing the punches, kicks, beats, levers, strangulation and without weapons, but also six weapons. The Master program is called called Okuden Mokuroku and includes special topics such as vital points, therapies, the development of individual personality and proximity effect. Zanchin Budo is a comprehensive martial art of the future.

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