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Master Mish Handwerker

Vancouver, WA







A Professional Martial Artist from Vancouver, Washington, Mish Handwerker began his martial studies in 1990. Over the years he has studied many different arts, but Ryukyu Kempo and Kyusho-Jitsu have been his main focus. He opened his school, Handwerker Martial Arts in 2000 teaching a curriculum that has grown from of Ryukyu Kempo infused with Kyusho and Tuite to also include Arnis, Modular Knife and elements of other styles he has found relevant.

Over the last 20 years, Master Handwerker has been a member and associate school of different organization including Dillman Karate, Hogan Karate, Kyusho International and is now a founding member of Kyusho.Expert™ leading the Pacific Northwest chapter.

Mr. Handwerker is also a Security Professional having worked in many different parts of the industry. He is a certified instructor for many of the tools used by security and law enforcement.

Some of Mr. Handwerker's other Credits and Certifications

• 5th Degree Black Belt - Ryukyu Kempo
• PacificNW.Kyusho.Expert Chapter Leader
• MBC2 (Modular Blade Combat Concepts) Certified Instructor
• CSSD/SC (Commons Sense Self Defense/Street Combat) Charter School Holder
• Handcuffing Instructor (ASP and PATH® Certified)
• Baton Instructor (ASP and MEB® Certified)
• OC Instructor (OCAT® and Providence Certified)
• Prevention and Management of Assaultive Behavior - Master Instructor
• Oregon DPSST Certified Security Professional - #27828
• BLS for Healthcare Providers (CPR & AED)
• Awarded the Life Saving Medal - Portland Police 6.2010

Subjects covered…
  • Proper reactional distancing
  • The mechanics of disarming and retention
  • Pressure points to enhance disarming and retention effectiveness
  • Disarming opponents of their handgun from multiple positions
  • Retaining your handgun from multiple grabs
This video covers over 40 variations of 17 fundamental locks that can be found within many different styles of martial arts, specifically Okinawan Kempo.

Many of the techniques covered in this video, can be found within the form (kata, poomse, anyo) you already practice as built in applications or bunkai. Pressure points are also discussed in regards to how they are used in each technique, as well as takedowns for security and law enforcement.
In this video Master Handwerker explores the three Naihanchi Kata based on his interpretations of techniques from a 1980's workbook by Sensei Oyata.

Each technique is performed and taught with an explanation of movement and what pressure points should be used to make the techniques more effective.

The world of bar security is not what it used to be. Long gone are the days of bouncers "taking care" of the drunk or disorderly patrons that needed to be kicked out or 86'd from the bar. However, in the industry of bar security, it is sometimes necessary to go "hands on" when dealing with unruly guests. This can be challenging because today's bar owners and managers are looking to have bar security that can handle unmanageable guests in ways that are liability conscious.

This is where Bar Mechanics comes in…

The curriculum presented in this video has been designed by bar security, for bar security with the liability of the venue, the security personnel and other staff in mind. This video covers pain and non-pain compliant techniques, takedowns and escorts. Also covered is the importance of teamwork and techniques that can be used in pairs. Regardless if you have a martial arts background or not, everything shown is easy to learn and implement. And since all of these techniques have been utilized in real bar situations, they can be highly effective if performed correctly.


As a bar security professional it may be one of your jobs to physically remove unruly patrons from your establishment. Even if you have a number of tools at your disposal, it is always helpful to have one or two more that can help. We believe that pressure points can be that extra tool and give you the proper edge you need when it comes to manipulating the body and providing quality pain compliance.

In this second installment to the Bar Mechanics video series, we focus on Pressure Points and how they can be utilized to give you that edge and enhance the techniques you already know or may have learned from the first Bar Mechanics video "Hands On, Escorts & Teamwork."

Mish Handwerker, a 5th degree black belt in Ryukyu Kempo who has over 20 years of study in pressure point martial arts, covers 18 pressure points on the arms, legs and torso. This instruction includes where the points are located, how to activate them properly and how each one affects the body. Mr. Handwerker also covers some basics about body mechanics and how knowing the weaknesses of the body can give you an edge.month_preview.


Dan Anderson, Mark Kline, and Stan Miller team up to bring you 2 full hours of live training in the arts of:

- Arnis
- Kyusho Jitsu
- Small Circle Jujitsu

Each of these arts not only complement each other, but blend into ANY martial art.

Super Dan Anderson, Mark Kline, and Stan Miller have teamed up to bring you the next generation of Arnis, Kyusho Jitsu, and Small Circle Jujitsu.
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