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Nikolaj Fænø Skarbye







Chief Instructor of Kyusho Denmark,

Senior Student of Karstem Dam.

Yudansha under Karsten Dam, Toni Kauhanen and Jim Corn along with more traditional martial arts

I started my training with the nearest martial art, that being JiuJitsu at the age of 8, but changed to shotokan very soon. For the next 12 years, I tried out, practiced and became familiar with styles such as Wing Chun, Jinenkan, Aikido and Kyusho Jitsu. Soon having the need to experience and develop for my self, i started to participate on seminars with Instructors such as Evan Pantazi, Mark Kline, Jim Corn, Gary Rooks, Patrick McCarthy, Vince Morris, Vladimir Vasiliev, Ed Melough, Iain Abernethy, etc.

I am primarely a practicitoneer and teacher of Kyusho, Bunkai Principles and Systema principles with Karsten Dam of Kyusho Denmark -I also teach seminars and instruct primarily in English but can also teach in German. At the moment I also teach Law Enforcement Officers privately and in group sessions.





Kyusho Exercises: "Movement" was created with the intention of not to teach and show the regulair points, but to emphasize on basic drills and exercises to improve the practicitioners flow and movement.

This Video contains 32 exercises, both with and without a partner - all exercises are style-less and can be incoorporated into whatever style you train


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