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Steve Stewart

London, Ontario, Canada




Professor Stewart is the highest ranked American Kenpo (8th Dan) and Kyusho-Jitsu (9th Dan) Martial Artist in Canada. He formerly served as both the Canadian Rep for the WKKA (Worldwide Kenpo Karate Association) and International Director. Professor Stewart was also a member of the WKKA National Demonstration Team (1996 – 2001) and performed at many major events in both Canada and the United States. His introduction to the Martial Arts dates back to August 1973.

Professor Stewart has been in a number of martial arts magazines over the years including Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu, Budo, Martial Arts Business on-line and most recently on the cover of Martial Arts Professional Magazine (December 2004 Issue). Professor Stewart has also been in martial arts magazines in Australia, Europe and France. He has been interviewed by local televison (Rogers Cable) and a guest on “Breakfast Television”. In April of 2003 he was recruited by Blue Dragon Entertainment to have a role in a film titled “TRANSFORMED”. He conducts seminars all over the world to all styles of the martial arts adding the art of Kyusho to their discipline, even as a Kenpo Stylist himself, the art of Kyusho (Pressure Point Combat) can elevate ones level of knowledge within their art by 200%

Vulnerable Areas of the Human Body
Multiple Striking Applications - "Live Seminar"
Analysis of Grab Attacks - "Category"
Analysis of Push Attacks
Analysis of Punch Attacks
Analysis of Kick Attacks
Pure Power

Dr. Steve Stewart teaches you the mian pressure points for revival and gives a lesson on pressure point meridians. Also learn how to select a pressure point in order to achieve the desired result by instructing on the importance of striking methods.

This video is essential to the understanding of the art of Kyusho Jitsu and a must have pre-cursor to Dr. Stewart's other videos.


These basic combinations include:

- Inward Striking Block
- Outward Striking Block
- Upward Striking Block
- Downward Striking Block

each with 3 variations that include straight and cross grab, push, and punch. Dr. Stewart also briefly reviews the basics of revival techniques to use when practicing kyusho jitsu.


Advanced Kyusho Jitsu, 4 Basic Striking Blocks with KO's

Dr. Steve Stewart and his assistants not only instruct on a variety of Kyusho Jitsu combinations, but actually execute these techniques, including the very important revival techniques. Watch and learn how to carry out striking blocks, knocking out your opponent and again showing how to revive someone from a pressure point KO.

This video explands on the same four asic striking blocks from the previous video by including the knockouts. Also includes 2 Bonus KO's!


Ken Smith & Steve Stewart

Combining Modern Arnis (Filipino Stick Fighting) with Kyusho Jitsu in this Dynamic 2 Video Set

Steve Stewart & Paul Bowman - 2 Masters of Kyusho Jitsu teach breakdowns and applications of Kyusho Jitsu (Pressure Point Fighting) in this explosive video!
Live Action IMMAF 2012 Conference
The Masters of Kyusho Vol 1
Steve Stewarts teaches the deadly art of Kyusho at the former Muhammad Ali Training Camp in Deer Lake, PA
Learn How to Incorporate Kyusho Jitsu in this Explosive Educational Video Featuring Noted Kyusho Jitsu Master, Steve Stewart.
Triple Threat Again!

Leon Jay, Ken Smith & Steve Stewart

Combining Modern Arnis (Filipino Stick Fighting) with Kyusho Jitsu, Kenpo & Small Circle Jujitsu

Steve Stewart, Ken Smith & Leon Jay team up to show you the devastating impact of Kyusho, Arnis, & Small Circle Jujitsu

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