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Steven Burton

Lancashire, United Kingdom





Sifu Steven Burton has been studying and promoting Chinese Martial Arts around the world for over 30 years. During his time training he has met and studied with some of the highest ranking masters in the world.

Sifu Steven Burton is holds Duan Wei Grades issued by the Chinese Wu Shu Association having qualified in China following rigourous testing.

Steven has training extensively in China and is Senior Closed Door of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei. Steven is the 1st Non Chinese Inheritor of the Taoist Internal system called Shen Wu Lin Chuan and the Five Thunder Dim Mak under Grandmaster Li Zhiyi. He has also studied with such auspicious masters as Grandmaster Kong Jie Gou, Shi De Jun (31st Generation Shaolin Monk) and many other great masters. Steven is a skilled exponent of Five Thunder Lau Kuen which is derived from a very direct Southern Shaolin system of martial arts. Featured on Chinese television demonstrating his martial skills Steven spreads the ancient arts around the world to those who wish to learn, producing over 50 instructional DVD's on Chinese Martial Arts which have sold throughout the world.

Teaching serving law enforcement, military personnel and close protection operatives around the world has given Steven the experience to bridge the gap between ancient and modern application of martial skills. Steven has also worked in the world of law enforcement for many years and so you know that he teaches from practical, hands on experience.

Steven is committed and dedicated to promoting Chinese Martial Arts and the Five Thunder ethos helping martial artists around the world join together in the furtherance of Chinese Martial Arts for future generations.


Sifu Steven Burton takes you through the most devastating Chin Na techniques used by special forces in the Orient.

These methods take a no prisoners approach and are very street effective.

Learn to seize and control as well as optional limb destruction to stop ANY attacker.

Utilizing Pressure Points to release joints in preparation for destruction.

Also included is understanding:

* Body Mechanics * Pressure Points * 5 Element Theory * Weapons Disarms


Learn the ways of the ancient masters and the ways they viewed the weaknesses of the human body taught by world renowned exponent of Dim Mak Sifu Steven Burton.

The principles of the "sealing" techiques is that if you are able to stop one of the major functions of the body, then the attackers ability to fight is gone or they are rendered unconcious.

Give yourself the unfair advantage of ANY confrontation and learn to take down any attacker by manipulating or striking the Dim Mak points.

Sifu Steven Burton guides you through the ancient combat methods of the Qin Emperor.  The techniques are straight from the battlefields and are NO NONSENSE quick and easy methods to allow anyone to take control of an attacker.
Due to the BRUTAL nature of this DVD it is for 18+ years old only and strictly for educational purposes.
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